• Commercial Tiling
  • Floor Preparation
  • Waterproofing
  • Tile and Stone Imports

Construction & Consultation


Sample of Rebuild Projects | Gallery ...

Stranges Building Christchurch 500m2 Leighs Construction Sheppard & Rout
Christchurch new Bus Exchange Christchurch 4200m2 Thiese Southbase Architectus
Deloit Building - 151 Camberidge Tce Christchurch 2000m2 Southbase Construction Jasmax Architecture
AWLY Building Christchurch 6000m2 Arrow International Warren & Mahoney Arcitcture
St Elmos Courts Christchurch 3000m2 C Lund & Son Richard Proco Ltd
Bush Inn Center Christchurch 1700m2 Contract Construction Buchan Group
ECAN Christchurch 2000m²  Naylor Love Wilson and Hill  


Other Projects

Barrington Mall Christchurch 1600m2 MainZeal Construction Bucan Group Gallery ...
Hornby Mall Christchurch 900m2 Leighs Construction Bucan Group
Selwyn Aquatic Centre Rolleston 2400m2 Naylor Love Warren & Mahoney Arcitcture Gallery ...
EA Network Aquatic Centre Ashburton 3000m2 Naylor Love Warren & Mahoney Arcitcture Gallery ...
TOD Energy Aquatic Centre New Plymouth 1800m2 Cleland Construction Boon Goldsmith Bahsker Brebner Gallery ...
Christchurch City Council
- Civic building
Christchurch 4900m2 Hawkins Construction Athfield Architects Gallery ...
Wateredge Luxury Apartments Christchurch 5000m2  Hawkins Construction Warren and Mahoney Gallery ...
QE II Pools complex Christchurch 3600m2 Mainzeal Ross McGuire Architects
St Clair Salt water pools  Dunedin 1800m2 Naylor Love Dunedin council architercts
Christchurch International airport Christchurch 12000m2 Hawkins Construction Warren and Mahoney Gallery ...
NZi3- ICT Innovation- UOC Christchurch 1100m2  Hawkins Construction Warren and Mahoney Gallery ...
Styx mill country club pool Christchurch 800m2 C S Luney  
Living space  Christchurch 3000m2   DB3
Living space Invercargill 2000m2 Amalgamated Builders DB3
Westfield Riccarton mall
and Hoyts cinema complex - Stage 1
Christchurch 3500m2 Westfeild/Mainzeal Bucan group Gallery ...
Westfield Riccarton mall - Stage 2 Christchurch 5000m2  Westfield/CBD Opus Architecture Gallery ...
Oxford Luxury Apartments Christchurch 1500m2 C S Luney Warren and Mahoney
Bluewater resort lake Tekapo 1500m2 Arrow international  
Ilam university accomodation Christchurch 1500m2 Hawkins Construction Warren and Mahoney
Moana pools complex Dunedin 3200m2 Naylor Love Dunedin council architercts Gallery ...
Northlands mall Christchurch 1500m2 Fletcher Construction  
Novotel Gardens Queenstown 1000m2 Rilean Construction.  
University of Canterbury(Maths Building) Christchurch 800m2 Naylor Love  
Show place office complex
Total of 7 multi story buildings
including award winning Hewlett Packard
building, Solid Energy, IAG and other's
Christchurch 3500m2 Hanham & Philp Contractors  
Hotel So Christchurch 1300m2 Montechristo Const. Living Space Gallery ...
Selwyn District Council Rolleston 800m2 Armitage Williams const.   Gallery ...